Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan – Consultation Responses Submitted

On 3 March, the European Thrombosis and Haemostasis Alliance (ETHA) submitted its consultation response on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to the European Commission and joined with the Cancer Related Complications and Comorbidities Initiative to submit a separate collaborative response.
The first consultation defined the scope of the Cancer Plan and sought input on a technical policy level.  To participate in this important stage, ETHA participated in the following ways:

  • The ETHA Secretariat submitted a response and called upon the Commission to incorporate horizontal morbidity and mortality drivers for all cancers in the development of the Cancer Plan. The ETHA statement drew particular attention to the fact that tackling cancer-associated thrombosis will address patient safety interventions beyond cancer, supporting the wider objectives of the Cancer Plan. The submission can be read on the Commission website.
  • The Cancer Related Complications and Comorbidities Initiative, of which the ETHA is a member, also published a joint submission, which can be read here.

The ETHA Secretariat encourages ETHA members to submit their responses to the second consultation, which seeks input on policy priorities at a more general level. Please note that members will be able to answer this consultation in any of the 24 EU languages, using a mix of multi-choice and open question formats.

Further “targeted stakeholder consultations” are expected in the coming weeks. These will focus on specific areas of industrial and health policy – such as on pharmaceuticals and cancer screening techniques.

More information about the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan can be found in this infographic and fact sheet.